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Patricia Tremblay also known as PT or Patty to friends and clients began her fitness career as far back as 1977.beltsIf anyone can recall that far back it was the new age of fitness and Elaine Powers was a women’s only fitness center. It was here in this purple and pink palace that PT began her journey into fitness as a “Professional Service Consultant”, complete with her Danskin leotard. Here her interest in helping people with their fitness goals began and it was at Elaine Powers that she learned her salesmanship abilities were not going to get her very far. To be frank she was asked to leave because she couldn’t bring herself to push programs on crying woman brought in by husbands and family.

nautalisIn the late 80’s PT found herself in another gym atmosphere of a much friendlier environment. This gym was located in her hometown of Pittsburgh and it was where she met her mentor and best friend Denise, who along with her husband owned and operated this gym. She spent many years working the desk, filling in at aerobics and walking people through the maze of Nautilus machines, so hip for the day!

In 1995, PT moved to Florida and here she met her next mentor and future husband Philip. Encouraged by Philip to pursue her dream as becoming a professional personal trainer, PT studied and earned the NSCA-CPT certification.diploma At this time she developed the concept of Physiques By PT and incorporated her business as she felt being reputable in the business was a high priority. By 2008 she graduated Suma Cum Laude from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management/Health and Wellness.

steppingAlong with her 25 years of working in the medical community PT has been able to successfully apply her skills, education and vast medical knowledge with her clients. Considered an expert in the application of functional training methodologies she is sought out throughout her community to train various individuals, ranging from small business owners to CEO’s of billion-dollar company’s. PT is a published writer, having written for numerous local magazines and has also been called upon to deliver presentations on Health and Wellness throughout her community.
Excellence and striving to bring the very best fitness programs to clients of all ages and health needs is her personal goal.

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